The Laid-Back Tiki
The Laid-Back Tiki
The Laid-Back Tiki
The Laid-Back Tiki

The Laid-Back Tiki

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It's been a long day... well... it's been a long week. Work's been buggering you around, the surf's been blown out by a strong on-shore, and you just got the email saying car rego's due.
Put all those worries in the "Deal with it later" basket and chuck on a pair of The Laid-Back Tiki to forget about life for a while. These ultra soft, comfy fleece shorts were conceptualised, designed, and manufactured with one thing in mind: relaxation! The two jersey-lined front pockets and single rear pocket ensures the lines stay clean, whilst giving you enough storage to smuggle a family of hampsters onto a plane. The elastic wasitband and shoestring drawcord allow for extra flexibility and durability, ensuring you get the right fit everytime, even after a big feed or a gym sesh.

• Cotton/Polyester Blend
• 100% Guaranteed to relax the wearer 75% of the time
• 100% cotton face yarn
• Style for anywhere, anytime
• Relaxed fit for a relaxed time
• Elastic waistband with shoestring drawcord for fit and stretch
• Back pocket
• Tapered knee opening